Our main principal as UET Uran is to ensure the establishment of organizational culture and awareness while creating an efficient working environment for our employees. Our Human Resources Policy is based on following criterias:

  • Creating an efficient organization by prioritizing our employees' motivation and their commitments to the company in line with our objectives and strategies,
  • Creating a productive working environment that allows development opportunities in accord with our employees' capabilites,
  • Improving productivity and performance by increasing the capability and the potential of the employee,
  • Maximizing our employees' motivation and productivity by providing career planning in line with their professional knowledge, skills, abilities and aims,
  • Establishing a working environment which provides mutual trust and open communications and creating equal opportunities among our employees,
  • Providing training and development opportunities in order to up-to-date our employee's professional and individual abilities by keeping their individual improvement expectations,
  • Ensuring the employment of right candidates by the company with efficient measuring and evaluation techniques,