UET URAN is committed to protecting its employees and environment from the effects which may occure during the execution of the project.

Success in our business requires planned and systematic identification, elimination and reduction of all risks at all levels. Control of health, safety and environmental risks is our first priority. This management focus is vested itself in these phrases or slogans of working: “Save the people. Save the environment. Work for no incidents”.

UET URAN shall ensure to comply strictly with related regulations on occupational health and safety, and on the environment, together with the related requirements of related international standards and guidelines as appropriate and applicable for the project.

Contractor shall organize and manage effectively a methodology of HSE to ensure the required level of performance in by:

  • Creating a healthy work environment and actively promoting the health and well-being of all workers,
  • Establishing plans, procedures of HSE and maintaining good practices in all operations to avoid any probable incidents,
  • Maintaining awareness in HSE by training and awards, in all stages of the project;
  • Promoting among all workers openness and participation in matters of HSE,
  • Providing training in HSE to workers as appropriate and necessary,
  • Ensure all that employees are knowledgeable of, understand and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • All operations will be undertaken with proper regard to the environmental issues, with a strong striving to reduce risks to a level that is as low as reasonably practical by,
    • Planning to use land, energy and material resources efficiently,
    • Eliminating wastes and pursuing progressive elimination and/or reduction of emissions, effluents and discharges of waste materials that are known to have a negative impact on the environment, ultimately eliminating the negative impacts,

One of our main aims is to demonstrate openness to employees, and the society to ensure not only well communication with these related bodies, but also to provide value-added effort to the Community at large.